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Welcome to SSCR

The Scottish Society for Crop Research functions through its crop sub-committees for combinable and energy crops, potatoes and soft fruit organising indoor and outdoor events to disseminate research findings and other information of relevance to their respective industries.

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SSCR supports the annual Cereals in Practice, Fruit for the Future and Potatoes in Practice field events hosted and organised by The James Hutton Institute.

Latest News

  • Two young scientists working at the James Hutton Institute have been jointly awarded the Peter Massalski Prize for meritorious research.

  • The 2012 Scottish Society for Crop Research Annual Lecture will be given by Mr Michael Hamell, Head of Unit, Agriculture, Forests and Soil, Environment Directorate-General, European Commission.

  • The creation of any new organisation always results in uncertainties on the part of staff and others. At The James Hutton Institute, particular importance is attached to spelling out the aspirations for the new organisation and indicating the way ahead.

  • Scotland has a brand new research ‘super institute’ with the job of tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems.

  • A short report on the SSCR funded project 'Determining the phenotypic basis of differential cultivar response to soil physical constraints in winter and spring barley' is now available.

  • A 36-year-old scientist at SCRI (now part of the James Hutton Institute), Scotland’s leading centre for crop research and plant breeding, has been awarded the Peter Massalski Prize for meri

  • Presentations and posters from the SSCR Winter Soft Fruit Meeting 2010 are available

  • The Scottish Society for Crop Research has a new look website to enable members and other interested parties to keep up to date with its activities.

  • A 35-year-old scientist at SCRI, Scotland’s leading centre for crop research and plant breeding, has been awarded the Peter Massalski Prize for meritorious research.

  • The Society's AGM was held at SCRI on Tuesday 27 May 2008.

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SSCR Sub-Committees

Combinable and Energy Crops

Link to the Combinable Crops Sub-committee pageMany facets of the cereal and oilseed rape industry are represented including growers, advisers, agronomists and members of the malting and distilling industries.


Link to the Potato Sub-committee pageRepresenting a significant proportion of the Scottish industry, with members from the agronomy, seed and pre-packing sectors, as well as seed and ware growers.

Soft Fruit

Link to the Soft Fruit Sub-committee pageMuch of the UK’s soft–fruit industry
is represented on the committee, with members drawn from the country’s production, advisory and retail sectors.